True long term success is not one dimensional. More importantly, your coaching shouldn’t be either.

True long term success is not one dimensional. More importantly, your coaching shouldn’t be either.

Unlock high performance living in your mind, body & business.

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Sandra’s goal is to see a world in which people are able to confidently use their unique voice, follow their dreams, embrace and monetize their passions and find a way to understand exactly what a toddler is trying to tell you.

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Meet 9bcde2f6 sandra logo black

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Sandra is extremely passionate about helping people solve problems they are having in business.  She has been described as being “a bit too much” or “a busy body” and voted “most eager to please” by her Highschool Senior Class.  Sandra took these labels and turned into being famous for being a power connector and helping small business owners fix advertising and marketing issues.  Known as the “Queen Of Organic Social Media Marketing” Sandra is passionate about teaching agents to build their own personal brand.  She also runs a group consulting course  where she focuses on coaching and helping agents build smart marketing plans! 


As a digital marketer with years of experience, Sandra has worked with 100’s of small business owners, trained in high ticket consulting groups, spoken at multiple events, been featured in two documentaries, runs a top rated Podcast (Binding Authority) all while being a wife and keeping the worlds cutest three year old entertained, happy and from falling off of tall things he climbs. 

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Unique Tools Sandra Gebhardt brings to your audience:

In this breakout we will discuss the proven 5x5x5 method Sandra Gebhardt coaches on. Using this method you will gain referral partners, write new business and learn how to position yourself at the foremost expert in your field. Basically becoming the Beyoncé of Insurance!  Each attendee will leave this breakout session with all the tools they need to get started right away!  

Click Below to watch Sandra’s recent Breakout Session from the 8% National Wealth Conference


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